Working together to achieve transformational change for Northwest Lower Michigan

Made up of nearly 40 business, governmental, and nonprofit partners, the Northwest Michigan Community Development Coalition collaborates to share information, align and leverage resources, and coordinate advocacy actions to drive positive economic, societal, and environmental improvements for our rural communities.

Our Shared Vision

By 2030, we will have created a more sustainable regional community by leveraging the collective power of cross-sector collaboration.

When we are successful, we will:

    • See a larger share of state and federal resources flowing into our region.
    • Foster deeper, productive connections with elected leaders and decision-makers to understand how they connect their work to projects and resources in their respective districts.
    • Witness meaningful improvements on the shared outcomes prioritized in the Regional Community Scorecard, which supports progress toward a more thriving regional community.

ECONOMIC Spotlight: TCAPS Capital Bond Millage Proposal

TCAPS will have a Capital Bond Millage proposal on the Aug. 6, 2024 ballot, which is aimed at supporting major projects to keep students safe, warm, and dry, from security and facility improvements to tech upgrades and more. ... (More)

SOCIAL Spotlight: Regional Housing Partnership

Housing North is leading the Region D Regional Housing Partnership as part of the MI State Housing Development Authority's first ever Statewide Housing Plan. ... (More)

ENVIRONMENTAL Spotlight: Northern MI Small Farm Conference

Hosted by Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology, the Northern MI Small Farm Conference, from Aug. 11-12 at Grow Benzie in Benzonia, will feature on-farm workshops, presentations, and roundtables specifically tailored to small farm owners. ... (More)