Working together across 10+ counties to achieve transformational change for Northwest Lower Michigan.

Northwest Lower Michigan is full of vibrant leaders and organizations who are striving for positive engagement and investment to support the future of our region. Harnessing the power of intentional connection and focused engagement, the Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan was formed in 2019. Together we embrace interdependent strategies and shared accountability to drive favorable outcomes for our community.

About the Community Development Coalition for Northwest Michigan

Across our region, there are many strong partners—people and organizations—working to create thriving communities. Yet, there are still many deep-rooted and persistent economic, societal, and environmental challenges that prevent our region from achieving truly thriving communities.

We also know that we exist in an interrelated context, and it is imperative to cultivate and support collaboration among various community sectors, including business, government, nonprofit, and philanthropy.

The Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan uses an innovative multi-sector framework to tackle issues holistically and systematically.

The Coalition was formed in 2019 to tap into the power of working together to achieve transformational change across our communities. The Coalition is currently made up of more than 30 cross-sector partners from the government, nonprofit, business, and philanthropic sectors that work together to move the needle on issues critical to our region.

What We Do

The Coalition has a regional strategy for collective impact by 2030 that includes:

  • Identification of shared key community development goals and objectives.
  • Agreed upon targets for 2030, along with measurable indicators of progress.
  • Creation of a Community Scorecard of shared metrics that align engagement efforts while transparently communicating progress toward goals.

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