Working together across 10+ counties to achieve transformational change for Northwest Lower Michigan.

Formed in 2019, the Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan collaborates across business, governmental, and nonprofit sectors to achieve transformational change across our communities. We partner to share information, align and leverage resources, and coordinate advocacy actions to drive positive economic, societal, and environmental improvements for the benefit of the people and places of our region.

The Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan uses an innovative multi-sector approach to tackle community issues holistically and systematically.

Made up of nearly 40 cross-sector partners from business, governmental, and nonprofit sectors, Coalition Contributors work together to support our region. A Scorecard of shared metrics helps align our efforts and highlights progress toward our collective goals.

Our Shared Vision

By 2030, we will have created a more sustainable region by advancing shared economic, societal, environmental goals. We will achieve this transformational change by leveraging the collective power of cross-sector collaboration.

When we are successful, we will:

  • See a larger share of state and federal resources flowing to our region.
  • Foster deeper, productive connections with elected leaders and decision-makers to understand how they connect their work to projects and resources in their respective districts.
  • Recognize meaningful improvement on shared outcomes prioritized in the Scorecard, which support progress toward a more thriving community.

ECONOMIC Spotlight: Employer Benefits Report

Employer offered benefits play a large role in attracting and retaining talent. Over a dozen industry sectors are represented in this Traverse Connect benefits report and there were 200 individual responses. ... (More)

SOCIAL Spotlight: Access to Dental Care

United Way of NWMI is partnering with the University of Michigan School of Dentistry to bring dental students to Traverse City to provide increased access to dental care for local children, veterans, and pregnant women. ... (More)

ENVIRONMENTAL Spotlight: Solar Grant Secured

The City of Traverse City has secured a grant a $1 million+ Michigan Public Service Commission Low Carbon Infrastructure Enhancement & Development grant that will be used to purchase and install a solar energy system with battery storage. ... (More)

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