Working together across 10+ counties, to achieve transformational change for Northwest Michigan.

Northwest Michigan is full of vibrant leaders and organizations who are striving for positive engagement and investment in the future of our region. Harnessing the power of intentional connection and focused engagement, the Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan was formed in 2019. We whole-heartedly believe in embracing interdependent strategies and shared accountability to drive favorable outcomes for our community.

Community Development for Northwest Michigan

The Community Development Coalition of Northwest Michigan was formed in 2019 to tap into the power of working together to achieve transformational change. All too often, sectors within our communities—public, private and nonprofit—work independently and miss the opportunity for strategic, collaborative efforts to address large systemic, regional problems. The Coalition empowers and engages cross-sector leadership to set collective priorities in the areas of economic, societal, and environmental improvements and to collaboratively drive favorable outcomes for the communities in our region.

Specifically, the Coalition has established a regional plan for collective impact by 2030. The plan includes:

  •  Identification of shared key development goals and objectives
  • Agreed upon targets for 2030, along with measurable indicators of progress
  • Creation of a Community Development Scorecard, or shared metrics, to align engagement efforts and transparently communicate progress toward goals

Work is already underway, and new endeavors are coming on line all of the time. As contributors set plans in motion, the Coalition will continuously work to coordinate communication, policy advocacy and efforts to access resources from inside and outside the region.

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