Formed in 2019 by the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, the Northwest Michigan Community Development Coalition collaborates across business, governmental, and nonprofit sectors to achieve transformational change in our communities.

How the Coalition Collaborates

We work together to share information, align and leverage resources, and coordinate action such as:

    • Organizing advocacy efforts around core policy issues.
    • Advocating for funding resources from outside the region.
    • Partnership-building among cross-sector organizations.

Our Steering Committee & Coalition Contributors

The Community Development Coalition engages nearly 40 business, governmental, and nonprofit sector partners from across the region and is comprised of two collaborative bodies, the Steering Committee and our Coalition Contributors.

    • Our Steering Committee┬áis made up of organizational leaders that provide strategic direction and decision-making around Coalition efforts, attend our quarterly Coalition meetings, and participate in deep dives into the strategies we pursue to impact one or more of the objectives on our shared Scorecard. Steering Committee members are also often directly involved with moving the needle on at least one Scorecard objective.
    • Coalition Contributors are organizational leaders that wish to stay informed about the Coalition’s work and may participate in various Coalition efforts, such as advocacy initiatives, information sharing, and support for grants that would bring resources to the region to impact
      one or more of our shared Scorecard objectives.