About the Community Development Coalition

Cross-sector collaboration is always challenging. Different sectors of our society—business, government, nonprofit, philanthropy—often operate in silos. By tapping the collective intelligence of our community leaders, we can facilitate opportunities such as securing public funding resources, engaging local elected officials, embedding community and constituent voice and engagement, and having a clear consensus on areas of greatest community needs and opportunities.

Through the Community Development Coalition and our shared Scorecard, we are working together with a unified voice. This creates unique value and opportunity to jointly access new resources that we may not qualify for alone, amplify the needs and stories of our peer organizations, and leverage a greater collective voice to advance key advocacy efforts in support of our shared goals.

How the Coalition Collaborates

Coalition Contributors work together to share information, align and leverage resources, and coordinate action such as:

  • Organizing advocacy efforts around core policy issues.
  • Advocating for funding resources from outside the region.
  • Partnership-building among cross-sector organizations.

Our Shared Vision

By 2030, we will have created a more sustainable community by advancing shared economic, environmental, and societal goals. We will achieve this transformational change by leveraging the collective power of cross-sector collaboration. When we are successful, we will:

  • See a larger share of state and federal resources flowing to our region.
  • Foster deeper, productive connections with elected leaders and decision-makers to understand how they connect their work to projects and resources in their respective districts.
  • Recognize meaningful improvement on shared outcomes prioritized in the Scorecard, which support progress toward a more thriving community.

Join Us to Help Our Community Thrive

If you have ideas for ways to leverage the collective power of the Coalition, would like to learn more about specific needs and activities, or find out how to get involved, please contact us at [email protected] or connect directly with any of the Coalition contributors featured below.

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