Community Coalition

The Coalition brings cross-sector representation to the table, comprised of people from key sectors including government, education, public health, environment, business, and more.

Contributors represent regional constituencies from our immediate five-county area and beyond. Through tapping our collective data and resources, we have been able to identify and measure large systemic challenges, and the scorecard is our tool to measure progress overcoming those obstacles.

What does the Community Coalition do?

Coalition contributors are working together to share information, coordinate action, and align resources. Examples of this include:

  • Advocacy for regional projects, resources, and efforts (e.g. outreach with local, state, and federal elected officials for support of ballot initiatives, state funding, etc.)
  • Fundraising for shared priorities, like housing access and water quality
  • Host and recruit subject matter experts on key topics related to scorecard objectives
  • Unified communications to raise public awareness about opportunities and challenges to accomplish shared goals

Join us to Help Our Community to Thrive

Addressing challenges like those we are tracking on the scorecard will take resources -both human and financial. An investment in this coalition, is an investment in the mutually agreed upon areas of greatest need in our community. Individuals and partners can be part of this effort in a number of ways, such as taking individual actions that support positive progress on objectives, giving your time and energy to support the organizations, programs, and services driving the work, and investing your philanthropy in causes you care about and the work of the Coalition.

If you have ideas for other ways to leverage the collective power of the Coalition, would like to learn more about specific needs and activities, or other ways to get involved, please contact us at [email protected] or connect directly with Coalition contributors listed below.

Interested in getting involved? Want to provide feedback to the coalition?

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